Photos from Dzukou Valley

Photos from a trip to Dzoukou Valley in Nagaland.


Dzukou Driving up the mountain

Driving up the mountain

Setting out for Dzukou

Setting Out

Climbing the mountainto Dzukou

Gerry and Jeho climbing up the mountain before decending to Dzukou Valley

Ako and Toku

Ako and Toku

way to Dzukou Top Mountain

View from the top

Dzukou approach Rhododendron Bushes

Rhododendron Bushes

Burned while managing the landscape

Walking to Dzukou
Ato, Kuto and Toku walking to Dzukou

Ato, Kuto and Toku

At the resthouse

Dzukou Valley

Dzukou Valley

Kute resting on way to Dzukou

Kute resting

Seting up camp in Dzukou valley

Seting up camp

The Evening Meal in Dzukou

The Evening Meal

Breakfast in Dzukou


Views of the Dzukou Valley

Views of the Valley

Flowers Dzukou

At the right time of year the valley has even more flowers

Flowers Dzukou


Flowers in Dzukou valley

Flowers in the valley

Flower Dzukou


River Dzukou Valley


Swimming Dzukou

Gerry Jeho and Toku

Having a swim

Meeting friends from Imphal in Dzukou

Meeting friends from Imphal

Southern Angami Students Union

Southern Angami Students Union

Some of the members who keep the paths